Pastoral Care

Catholic Diocese of Ondo

Pastoral Care

Aquinas College Akure

Aquinas College as a citadel of learning is geared towards the complete nurturing of the student – academically, physically, morally and spiritually.

Discipline is demanded among students and staff.  Integrity must be maintained Hard work, neatness, godly conduct and respect for constituted authority are promoted within the school community.  There is an absolute zero tolerance for examination malpractice during internal and external examinations.

On pastoral care, the school has maintained a very strong bond with the Catholic Church of Ondo Diocese that established the institution. Even though the school has been taken over by the State Government, Mary QUEEN OF Angels Catholic Church has been the school local parish.  Every Wednesday, the Rev. Fr. In charge of the Parish is usually in the school to celebrate Holy Mass. The School holds her annual Harvest Thanksgiving celebration in the church as well as the Walking-in  (for students into JSS 1) and the valedictory services (for outgoing SS III students) in the church.