Entry Criteria

Aquinas College Akure Students 2020

Entry Criteria

Admission Policy into Aquinas College Akure

As ACA is a government-owned school, the admission policies are guided by the policies of the Government. However, since the school is the flagship of all the government schools; the cut-off marks for entrance are usually the highest in order to maintain the top-quality standard which the school is noted for.

Entrance examination into the school is through the state common Entrance Examination (Placement) with pupils being tested in English language, mathematics and General Knowledge.

It should be noted that only pupils who score the approved cut-off mark and had chosen the school as their first choice of school are eligible for admission into JSS. 1.

There is a limited opening for students who wish to cross over to the school in the first year of Senior Secondary School (SS 1).  Forms are sold at a token fee after which the candidates are allowed to sit for an examination comprising: Mathematics, English language and General knowledge.  Successful candidates who have testimonials of good behavior and performance from their previous schools are then admitted into SS 1.

Admission into ACA