ACAOSA Sponsored Projects

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ACAOSA Sponsored Projects

List of projects sponsored by the individual old student
or Old Student Association are:


S/N Project Description Sponsored By
1. Henry Ogiri memorial Hall ACAOSA National
2. Henry Ogiri memorial Hall Toilet ACAOSA National
3. Renovation of 3 Laboratories ACAOSA National
4. Renovation of 4 Classrooms with provision of 100 double seats for students 1974/1979 Set
5. Renovation of Wall Clock Stand 1974/1979 set
6. Construction of Modern School Clinic Mr. Laide Afelumo 93/99 set
7. Construction of Dual Court (Basketball/volley Ball) 1989/1994 Set
8. Construction of Modern Toilet (staff & Students) 1985/1990 Set
9. Construction of Staff Canteen 1988/1993 Set
10. Provision of MTN Chairs & Lockers (150) Engr. Julius Adelusi
11. Water Bore-Hole Barister Fred Baoku Akinseye (1969)
12. New School Gate 1976-1981 Set
13. Aquinas College Website ACAOSA Europe


NEW SCHOOL GATE PROJECT (sponsored by 76-81 set)


We want to acknowledge the Website Committee Members. and they are:

  1. Patrick Meshe
  2. Leke Emoruwa
  3. Tunji Ojo
  4. Julius Ojo
  5. Noel Verissimo
  6. Taiwo Olateju esq
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