School Anthem

Aquinas College students section

The Aquinas' Anthem


Arise, Aquinas, Arise
Strive to win the first prize
Arise, Aquinas, Arise,
Holy honest and wise.


  1. Ancient glory retain
    Aim for life’s precious goal
    Fulfilment without stain
    In body, mind and soul
  2. Achieve Integritas
    To our patron be true,
    Saint Thomas Aquinas
    His perfections pursue
  3. To honour our Country
    Ourselves we must perfect
    Our School, Our family,
    Our traditions respect
  4. Student, future glory seek
    Success in life is won
    By the strong, not the weak,
    Through Jesus, God the Son.

The Aquinas' Anthem Audio

Sang by Shogo Ajibola (Shogman)