Muturu Feast

Muturu Feast Day

Muturu Feast Day

The “Muturu” Celebration/Feast was Started by the founding Fathers of ACA to celebrate all major achievements within the school year such as when ACA won the Gear cup as well as the Omitola Cup during the then Western Region of Nigeria.

The “Muturu” is a particular bread of cattle noted for its robust and delicious beef.  The event has now metamorphosed into the celebration/feast after the annual Inter-House Sports and Athletic Competition.  The Old Students’ body ACAOSA usually donates a cow/cows to the School which is usually augmented by another cow or cows because of the large student population and the desire that every student must feast from the Muturu.

The cow is killed, cooked, fried and served with a delicious serving of Jollof rice for every Student according to their classes.

The event is highly anticipated and looked forward to by all students irrespective of their background as one of the distinguishing characteristics of Aquinas College, Akure.

In the spirit of the joyful celebration, the entire staff and Old Students (ACAOSA) are not left out of the celebration.