Support for Students with Learning Difficulties and Challenges

Students With Learning Difficulties Challenges

Learning Support For Students With Learning

With approval from the Ministry of Education, the School runs extra lessons for the certificate classes – JSS 3 and SSS 3 in preparation for their public examinations. Similarly, the school runs extra lessons for the SSS 2 Students who have to write the State Government’s Joint Promotion Examination to SSS 3.

The lessons run from Mondays to Thursdays weekly. In addition, the SSS 3 Students are also expected to attend early morning lessons from 6: 30am – 7: 30am from Mondays to Thursdays to cover enough grounds in English Language and  Mathematics from First Term to the Second term to adequately prepare them for their external examinations.

Extension classes are also organized during the 1st Term and Second Term Holidays for the SSS 3 class.

All these are geared towards producing outstanding results which the school is noted for.